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Keeping your gold jewellery in mint condition

Retaining the finish and value of your gold jewellery is quite easy. It’s simply a matter of knowing what and what not to do.

  1. To help protect against scratching, it’s good practice to separate your gold jewellery in a compartmentalised jewellery box.
  2. Because soap tends to cause a film that can make gold appear dull and dingy, it’s worthwhile removing your jewellery when you shower or bathe.
  3. The gold in most jewellery is an alloy. That is, it is a mixture of different metals. The inclusion of these other metals enable gold to be practical in every day usage. However because of these same inclusions, your jewellery can tarnish. This tarnishing can be caused by many things: perfume, after shave, fluoride in water or even the acidity in your skin. However this doesn’t present you with a problem.
  4. A soft jewellery polishing cloth with tarnish preventive will help you keep the gold pieces lustrous and shining. These solutions and cloth are available through your showcase jeweller.

The procedures for cleaning gold should not be used if your gold jewellery contains any precious stones, pearls or opals. To clean these requires careful and expert attention. Your Showcase jeweller has the necessary expertise and specialised equipment.

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