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If you want jewellery you can be proud of, don’t be attracted by bargain prices. If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. And you may actually still end up paying more than it’s worth.  For all your Opal, Diamond, Gold needs choose Val Ray Jewellers being established since 1968.

Find a jeweller you can trust.

There are few people who know and understand diamonds and precious stones with the same depth and intimacy as a trained and experienced Showcase jeweller.

How does one choose the right one?

Well, the more experience and knowledge they have, the more likely they can answer your questions with honesty.
Your Showcase jeweller is such a person. They are trained professionals. It’s their extensive training, breadth of experience and access to world gem centres that makes it so much easier for you to discover that special piece.

From us your individually owned Showcase store you will receive the highest possible degreeof personal attention. And as a member of the Showcase insignia we number around 250 stores, so we have the buying leverage to negotiate very favorable prices.